Friday, June 14, 2013

More Digital Memory Quilts

QUILT 15 Steph Lana Addie Lewis Pete Billijo Edward Evelyn Debra Shelby Raymond Timmy Tommy Matt Joy Bryan Junior Collin Xylaly Marcel
QUILT 16 Randy Leo Viola Natalie Betty Delbert Ted Landon Zelda Hunter Adam Brad Crystal Jeff Stephen Karen Patti Tutty Isabel Stella
QUILT 17 Marvin Voncile Jewell Lendon Delores Ruth Bill Precious Rudy Tyler Rebecca Ward Mercedes Henry Marjorie Johnny Don Shaneboy Bernadette Mike
QUILT 18 Shane Kenny Kimberly Amy and Brandon Bessie Jeptha Bennie Vonnie Alice Faye Rose Al Carlin Willie Allie Carline Norris Annette Kasey Bobby
QUILT 19 Ericka Sue Harold Donnie Mackenzie Lauren Blake Debbie Clayton Gloria Shaelynn Robbie Drew Devon Lenny Paul Nano Carson Evora Cassondra
QUILT 20 Vance Leta Kari Ray Daniel Zachary Papa Jeffrey Jonathan Beatrice Thelma Cubby Diane Doug Geemo Eddie Kayler Ronesh Austin Jeff


  1. is this one with jeff for me cindy before i take it i wanna make sure ty

  2. I'm sorry I didn't see your message sooner, missy girl...Yes, that's for you or anyone who is missing someone named Jeff. :-)