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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Message in a Bottle

WHAT YOU NEED: A scrap of paper, an envelope, and a stamp! If you would like to participate in the "Message in a Bottle" Project, take a small scrap of paper (approx. 1 inch by 3 inches) and write your loved one's name on it in your own handwriting. (You can also write a private message on the scrap of paper)--Then, send it in an envelope ASAP to: Cindy Adkins 3016 Debouchel Blvd. Meraux, Louisiana 70075 USA. Make sure it is a TINY piece of paper. I will put ALL of the scraps of paper into ONE large bottle and create a special memorial in everyone's honor. The only names that will be put into the memorial are the ones that are sent to me via physical mail--not email. (If you want to add more names, that's fine--Just put them on separate scraps of paper.) STAY TUNED for updates as the project gets underway and the envelopes begin arriving! The notes need to arrive at the above address NO LATER than Feb. 1, 2014, but PLEASE send them ASAP. (The later date is ONLY because there may be notes coming from different continents that I need to put in at the last minute.) UPDATES will transpire on my Facebook page, Angels at My Door, only. If you do not belong to my FB page, you can do so by clicking on this link--http://www.facebook.com/AngelsAtMyDoor Thank you~Cindy


  1. Love this, what a wonderful thing to do, Thank you

  2. Love this idea. Very excited to get mine to you!!!

  3. my darling husband Alan love and miss you always xxxx

  4. Beautiful idea ~~sent <3 Thank You ~~